God is Not!

Ps John Harker teaches on who God is not. As many people confuse the image of God with humanity they loose the truth and walk in folk theology not making Him God. Ps John shows how to identify and change this in your walk with the Lord.

Whose Responsibility is it? – Part 6

Ps John Harker teaches on how to know who is our neighbour and our responsibility to love them and show them mercy. Ps John teaches how to understand in a world full of need who becomes my neighbour and how to ensure that we have dispensed our duty-of-care to them.

Whose Responsibility is it? – Part 5

Ps John Harker teaches about responsibility in christian service. He shows how Jesus was only about the Father’s affairs and not cultures or church expectations. Ps John teaches on how we are to live supra-culturally as christians by modelling Jesus example of supra-cultural living.